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Without losing sight of the coast you will never find land.

Andre Gide. Writer. Nobel in Literature

What we do well

We advise Companies, Entrepreneurs, Organizations and Entities to devise, design, build and develop new solutions or structures to solve their business challenges or concerns and to trace, accompanying them on their journey, their processes of incorporation of new investment or strategic partners. 

We share, invest and co-invest in innovative, technology-based and highly scalable projects and startups. We are involved as strategic partners, not only financial ones, to build a solid shareholding team, identifying, seeking and closing agreements with other investors, and we accompany our investees on their journey in the market, in their growth and even divestment. 

Consultoría y Asesoramiento

As Consultants or Mentors, we advise or guide Project Promoters, contributing our strategic vision and the strengths of our internationally experienced team in marketing and finance. Our clients are private or public, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Companies, Corporations and Entities with projects to create economic and social value. We get executive involved from the start and stick to the target down to your cruising speed.

We always propose to our clients a proportionate and realistic scope of our contribution to achieve the success of their projects.

Corporate Venturing

Venture Building is an open innovation strategy of large companies that consists of investing their experience, infrastructures and capital in Startups to access innovative technologies, complement their internal R&D capacities and attract innovation to their businesses. Our services include the definition of the profile and scope of your investments in Startups, their identification, the negotiation of entry conditions with the entrepreneurs and their accompaniment in the market until the divestment.

And we add mentoring to entrepreneurs in all the key aspects of startup growth.


We support investments, invest or co-invest in innovative technology-based companies related to biotechnology, artificial intelligence, additive 3D digital printing and Industry 4.0 technologies. We lead the capital investment or accompany the leader by adding new co-investors to complete their financial capacity or advising the entire process.

We intervene from the definition of the entry scenario, through the negotiation process, due diligence, partner agreements, etc., to divestment.


Una especialidad profesional, diferente de la consultoría, que consiste en guiar proyectos a buen puerto con una visión amplia, global y estratégica, no ejecutiva.
Mentorizamos a empresarios, ejecutivos y nuevos emprendedores primero identificando su escenario, su posición, sus proyectos y sus necesidades, y después conviniendo una hoja de ruta, un timming y unos hitos capaces de llevarlos al éxito. Nuestra solvencia es nuestra experiencia.

Y en cada caso trabajamos en equipo sumando las especialidades profesionales idóneas para cada proyecto.

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