Customized solutions

We design and develop projects tailored to each client’s needs and we use the most appropriate techniques for each one, but above all, we apply our experience and ingenuity because we are innovative entrepreneurs.


  • Investment strategies

  • Investment analysis and valuation
  • Opportunity Detection
  • Defining business models based on technology
  • Attracting and incorporating new investment partners
  • Negotiating to close partnerships or investments
  • Purchasing and selling corporations
  • Relief or pursuit of business continuity
  • Mentoring, Training and Coaching
  • Networking

  • Creating innovative ecosystems
  • Creating entrepreneurial and investor networks



We develop head-on, short-term, practical approaches to help entrepreneurs create great business plans, investor presentations, and negotiations and deal closers for a new capital investor.


We organize practical training programs that contemplate the entire process of receiving capital in a corporation, from opportunity detection to its closure, via an analysis of the business model, the skills of the steering committee, the tricks and traps in a negotiation, entrance formulas, etc.

Organizations and Administrations

We propose organizational schemes as well as a dynamic model for both public and private entities and organizations in order to create ecosystems and local networks where encounters take place between capital investors, corporations and entrepreneurs.