Investments that promote growth


Detecting Investment Opportunities

What we enjoy the most is the searching directly for investment opportunities based on the needs of our clients and, when viable, identifying additional co-investors. Our multi-sector expertise has a large network of specialist partners, which allows us to find investments around the world that fit the focus of the investor. We are experts in “starting from the beginning,” and analyze our clients’ overall portfolio of investments and assets in order to make proposals in sectors that are suitable for each case. We then begin to search directly for specific opportunities.

Analysis and valuation

We can accompany a potential investor through the investment proposal process professionally, being “an extra pair of eyes” for him or her, by applying our experience and skills to evaluate business plans, benchmark and value economic and financial scenarios.


The investor can trust us to close the negotiation deal securely or we can accompany him or her in negotiations with entrepreneurs. We adapt our contribution to the requirements of our clients.

We are involved with a wide network of incubators, accelerators, technological networks, universities and corporations that allow us to identify investments tailored to our clients’ needs.

We maintain close relationships with investor networks and funds from all types of sectors, which allow us to present and receive proposals for joint investment.