We believe in entrepreneurial talent

We get completely immersed in the project so the executive team can avoid mistakes and learn from the process. We like to lead and train.


The best way to find a new investor is by presenting the project in an investor forum: this is one of our specialties. We have founded investor forums, fund networks and associations of investors, and presented and closed operations in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, London and San Francisco.

We are able to play the role of an M&A boutique firm by developing processes in a customized manner when it comes to very special projects, due to the nature of their size or sector, or when the entrepreneur wants to search for an investor privately.

Our expertise and networking ability enables us to successfully complete processes that raise capital for new start-up or growth projects in any sector.


We provide additional value to the process of accompanying entrepreneurs by giving in situ workshops and measuring the true needs of the entrepreneurial team. We also enjoy mentoring, which basically means explaining and conveying our experiences.

We incorporate all our contacts, which are necessary, into the entrepreneurs’ agenda in order to carry out their business plan. This is an almost intangible aspect of our contribution to start-ups or growth processes, but it is an element that brings high added value.

Desarrollamos actuaciones de choque, de corta duración y enfoque práctico, para ayudar a los emprendedores a resolver un buen Plan de Negocio, una presentación ante inversores, o una negociación y cierre con un inversor de capital.